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The Blue Gate 6kva Online UPS with power output capacity of 4.2kW, is a robust capacity to meet office power backup requirement. It’s suitable for IT equipment, in particular servers, work stations and network devices. Use the Blue Gate 6kva Online UPS to support mission-critical equipment, ensuring extended power backup and protection of equipment. Online UPS offers zero switchover time from mains supply to UPS supply mode, meaning that continuous power supply is available to the equipment. Online UPS, unlike line interactive UPS which runs in “offline” mode when there’s mains supply (thus not supplying from its battery), is always supplying from its battery bank, thus ensuring there’s no break with can affect sensitive equipment. The Online UPS is therefore a safer UPs option.


Blue Gate 6KVA/4200W Online UPS HF Series – BGK 6.0HFi, offers seamless

power backup, with zero transfer performance. The Blue Gate Online UPS

range has zero switching time, making them ideal for sensitive equipment

like servers, networking devices, and similar equipment that will not

tolerate any power switchover time.

The Blue Gate 6KVA Online UPS

boasts an advanced UPS design, with a central processing system. It is

equipped with advanced voltage compensation technology, advanced

frequency technology and advanced PFC technology. You get undistorted

standard sine wave from a wide range of input variables, as a result.

The Blue Gate 6KVA Online UPS offers 4200W power output capacity. The

voltage input range is 115±5VAC – 295±5VAC, when the load is less than

70% and 160±5VAC – 295±55VAC, when it’s above 70%. Similarly, the

frequency range is 46 – 54Hz±0.5Hz or 56 – 64Hz±0.5Hz auto sensing. It

is a single phase UPS, with pure sine wave waveform.
Features of Blue Gate 6KVA/4200W Online UPS
Check these key features of the Blue Gate HF Series UPS:
Good for IT equipment: network, servers etc
High frequency and double conversion online technology
Fully digitized microprocessor control
Wide input voltage range

LCD display
UPS start up without battery; Cold start
Advanced battery management
Automatic battery charging in UPS off mode
Lightning and surge protection
Short circuit and overload protection
Fan speed auto control when loads varies
Network/fax/modem surge protection
Optional extension battery pack
Battery voltage display
Load capacity display
EMI/RFI noise filter
Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software

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