BG 3KVA Online UPS is a double conversion and high frequency UPS with 3 phase input and 3 phase output.
It has a Compact design of about 30%-50% smaller than others that allow charging current to be set by just an LCD display; and also makes the product fully compatible with existing products.
BG 3KVA Online UPS comfortably supports; Small and middle sized sever, Industry equipment, IT equipment Communication system and other networking equipment.
This is a pocket-friendly device that it suitable for critical-mission appliances and industry equipment


Single phase with ground

Capacity (VA/Watts)



Nominal voltage


AC Mode

Low line transfer

160Vac±5% @100%-80% load;

140Vac±5% @80%-70% load;

120Vac±5% @70%-60% load;

110Vac±5% @60%-0% load;

(Ambient Temp. <35>

Low line comeback

175Vac±5% @100%-80% load;

155Vac±5% @80%-70% load;

135Vac±5% @70%-60% load;

125Vac±5% @60%-0% load;

(Ambient Temp. <35>

High line transfer

300Vac ±5%

High line comeback

290Vac ±5%

Operating frequency range


Power factor

0.99@100% load(Nominal Input Voltage)

Battery Type (Units)

12V/9AH (6 units)

Typical Recharge Time

4 hours to recover capacity 

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