Andrakk Halogen Oven will offer you the best quick fries and defrost of meals in your kitchen for it is an electrical‎ oven that is effective for it will distribute heat to fry‎,‎ grill‎,‎ defrost‎,‎ steam‎‎ and barbecue‎.‎ It feature a 12 liters with 5 liters added extended capacity which cooks evenly without so much of fats or oil but retains the nutrients and flavor in the food for you to enjoy and is absolutely easy to control‎‎.‎‎‎ The transparent glass bowl oven will complement the decor of your kitchen while allowing you to have easy monitoring of your food as it gets cooked‎.‎ Give yourself a treat with this multi‎ purpose halogen oven that offers you best fries of chicken and potatoes with chilled alcoholic wine to enjoy‎.

Get halogen oven in Nigeria on Jumia that convert has a bulb that convert intense heat to ensure the food is cooked faster than a conventional oven.‎ You can use this device if you are in rush and need to eat‎,‎ all you have to do is place your frozen food in the glassy bowl for it to defrost as quickly as possible or make some barbecue for yourself for‎‎ it does not exudes smoke which makes it safe for use in every home‎.‎ The black and grey colour with design of the oven is eye catching and comes with basic accessories like low and high rack with thongs and also features a self-cleaning function.‎

Colour: Black / Grey
Basic accessories: low rack; high rack; tongs.
Optional Accessory: Fry pan.
Glass bowl capacity: 12ltrs with 5ltrs added extender.
Over heat protection

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